robots replacing humans?

Look at the signs they are everywhere


Are we on the verge of a massive shift in the human experience, or is it just me that thinks so?

Look at the signs they are everywhere – slowly but surely they are moving that way.

The Neuralink company is connecting human brains with computers  –  Elon Musk,is one of the world’s most prolific billionaires and inventors who launched it.

 The renowned futurist from Google, Ray Kurzweil, now claims the singularity (the turning point when computers will gain human-level intelligence) is coming in 2029.

Meanwhile, robots are now replacing human workers at a surprising rate. They predict robots to take over 20 million jobs by 2020.

Looking at all these movements, I’ve wondered to myself lately:

What’s the best way to thrive in this time of unstoppable change?

I believe the answer lies between our ears 🙂

I agree, the human brain will never become obsolete.

It’s too complex. Too unpredictable. Too enigmatic. Too powerful.

That said, it’s now vital for you make a conscious effort to tap into your highest potential

So you can earn, grow, achieve and create at your highest potential in your own company.

That’s why I’m reminding you look at alternatives and search for a Plan B option.

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Make money on the Internet, yet many fail? Why?

Many people try to make money on the Internet and fail? Why?


I’ve been asked that question many times.

Why, why, why.

For myself, I have been working online for the past several years and I can tell you exactly what the problem is. Most people fail because of a combination of the following;

unrealistic expectations 

the lack of proper education,

support, and training.

Let’s face it, most of us would love to be able to make good money online, but do not want to call on friends, relatives or uncles.

To have the freedom of being able to work from home or the ability to work and travel is incredible. Not to mention avoiding some of the hassles of the daily 9 – 5 grind.

To get to this level of freedom in one’s life, let’s take a look at the reasons people fail to make money online.

3 Reasons People Fail To Make Money Online


Unrealistic Expectations #1

Many want-to-be online entrepreneurs have unrealistic expectations for the amount of time, effort, and dedication they are willing to put into their goal of being able to work and make money online.

Most people want to make money right away, and although this is a natural way of thinking when entering into a job, this is highly unrealistic when entering a new Online career.

When we take a typical wage job, we go to work at a set hourly rate and work a certain amount of hours per week. It’s a simple and straight forward process and get paid every two weeks or so.

But when we start in a new type of position, we need to enter an educational system in order to learn that new responsibility. Correct?

 We enroll in a training or education program not expecting financial compensation, we expect to lose money from the investment or cost of tuition as well as loss of income from not working while attending classes, studying, etc.

So before one decides to see if working online is the right fit for their life, they need to go into it with the same expectations as if they were going to go to college to learn a new profession.


 Unrealistic Expectation #2

When people enter the online money making business, they think that it’s something that’s going to be easy, that they’re going to make money right away.

Online Scams prey on this un-educated people. Everyone wants to make fast and easy cash online. People who fail to make money online do so because they fall for these types of scams.

Usually we want to hear “fast-cash”, so we check it out. Usually it involves a monthly fee or huge onetime payment only to enter the scam program and be bombarded with up-sells and bogus systems that don’t work.

People are then left bitter and angry and leave their online money making goals behind.

The reality is that to become a website developer, internet marketer, or create your own unique website that makes money, you need to understand that it’s going to take time to develop your skills and knowledge.

But the cool thing about making money online that’s different from a traditional education is that you can begin to make money online while you are learning.

You can usually start to make money online within 3 – 6 months while you are learning directly from the program itself or attending an educational program.

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This is much better in my opinion than going to university and waiting 2 – 8 years before being able to earn ANY kind of money from your desired profession.


Lack of Proper Education, Support, and Training #3

This is probably the most important factor as to why people fail to make money online. There is so much bad information along with poor educational programs on the internet these days.

I’m talking about Online Scams, and the Pyramid Schemes out there that provide horrible information to people. They prey on people’s lack of education or strong desire to improve their personal financial situations by making fast and easy cash online.

When you found a reputable company and they offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, then you can rest assured you can learn most of the system, then decide if it is something you can master.

I know many people who make awesome online income and each one of them has a one thing in common.

And that is. MINDSET. They have decided they want to do it and will learn everything to succeed.

Also, they have done their research and found a service or product they enjoy being part of.

They enjoy helping other people achieve their goals.

And when you look at traditional courses at Universities you’ll find over priced educational systems that are typically taught by someone who knows the theory, but has never really made money with a online business.

Also “New start-ups” are very suspicious. Find a company that has been successful for more than 5 years. That will be a good start.

When you want to learn how to make money online from people who have already been successful at creating their own online business, then search for such a company, ask if there is a mentor who will help you and also place you in a group where you can ask for help with any question.

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Five Important Steps For You To Maximizing Productivity:

Here Are The Five Steps To Maximizing Our Productivity, Making More Money, and Enjoying More Free Time With Less Stress:

1) Eliminate the things in your life that are robbing you of your time, energy, focus and productivity.

As detailed at the beginning of this report, unfulfilled commitments, conflict, and unfinished projects exist in everyone’s lives and these rob you of energy, time, productivity, and focus.

With these types of things looming you are drained of the personal resources necessary to accomplish your goals and get everything you want. You must “close these loops” and move forward.

2) Focus on what you want to create, not what you want to avoid.

As I had noted earlier, we’re twice as motivated to avoid having something bad happen, than we are to achieve success or gain. In other words, we are twice as motivated by fear as we are by desire or by our goals which means getting into this new mindset will take focus.

3) Focus on what produces the most value, not what creates the most “busy work” for us.

Most of can confuse “busy work” and activity with “results”. This mistake robs us of our energy and time, especially in a today’s entrepreneurial-online environment, where there are lots of emails coming in, there are text messages, and there are people calling up or on Skype, and we get to end of the day and we’ve been working and doing a lot of stuff, and felt real busy, but we didn’t get anything profitable accomplished. So we have to learn which activities create the results and which ones don’t, and we want to focus on doing the things that create results for us, not just the things that are keeping us busy.

4) Focus your time in chunks of 90 to 120 minutes minimum, NOT on multitasking.

If you don’t focus for a long chunk of time on only one thing, you will not make much progress. Therefore, as an important part of our business process, we want learn to focus in blocks of 90 to 120 minutes without interruptions. We will no longer multitask, doing a lot of things at once, because we won’t get anything done.

5) Focus on what will work in the future, not what worked in the past.

We no longer live in a time where you can learn a job and then just do that over and over and over for 10, 20, 40, 50 years, and then “retire”. Things are changing too rapidly especially if your business has anything to do with the Internet where things are changing every day. So we need to focus on producing value, not just now, but in the future. Focus on learning things and doing things that will work now, not things that worked in the past.

When we make these five techniques a part of our normal routine, we’re going to be able to focus on increasing our productivity and learning how to make sure we take massive action every single day to reach the goals we set.

When we make focus a habit we will find it is easier to reach our goals, we can do it quicker, and we can enjoy more free times in our lives to do what we want to do.

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